The advancement of Bitcoin

Hey how are you? If you were fascinated
by the growth of bitcoins in recent years ...

... I'm sure you are also curious where the bitcoins are

can go.

most people may think that everything is "fugezi fugazi" -

random, volatile or unpredictable, but there are signs

who look positive!

recent news has stated that Starbucks, Microsoft and
The owner of the New York stock exchange will be together
build a platform to bring bitcoin in mass

which means that very soon you can buy
your morning coffee with bitcoins ...

I mean intensive, these companies and these people
are not stupid. They know things.

for many third world countries, bitcoin is not a
investment, but it has become a source of survival ...

countries like Iran - where the inflation rate is so high
he is almost bankrupt, uses bitcoins as an instrument
to control inflation.

nearly $ 2.5 billion worth of bitcoin was purchased from

in a short time, the market capitalization of Bitcoin
is similar to that of giant companies like Apple, Microsoft,
Amazon etc ...

for bitcoin and crypto, this is just the beginning of the beginning,

it just scratches the surface ...

people have made hundreds of millions of dollars with bitcoin ...

here is the good news:

someday people will write similar emails and blogs on

Basic Income Tokens, when they become a cryptocurrency!

there is something really exciting to be achieved

on the ground floor of an opportunity.

don't worry if you missed the bus with bitcoin - build your

fortune with basic income!

- Team base income

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