Raise our watchman, once more: How weak America and New York City stay 20 years after 9/11

"The Taliban appeared to make the ways for all who needed to come to Afghanistan to prepare in the camps. The coalition with the Taliban gave Al Qaeda an asylum where to prepare and teach contenders and psychological militants, import weapons, manufacture attaches with other jihad gatherings and pioneers, and plot and staff fear monger plans." 

- National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (2004) 

After very nearly 20 years and under about fourteen days before the serious commemoration of assaults of Sept. 11, 2001, the state of the fear monger danger toward the West and New York City has changed — incredibly for the more awful. 

The distinct advantage was oneself incurred rout of the United States in Afghanistan and the fall of Kabul to the Taliban as of late. This astonishing triumph for the Islamist Taliban and the foundation of an Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan combined with the disarray and embarrassment of the U.S. withdrawal is a triumph that worldwide jihadists are celebrating around the world.

Only days prior, Al Qaeda's "general order" gave an assertion saluting the Taliban on the "extraordinary triumph," considering it a "introduction" to Islam's victories somewhere else and a finish to "American-European haughtiness" and authority. Furthermore, more significantly, Al Qaeda has approached Muslims worldwide to help the Taliban by emigrating there to give required abilities and assets to assist it with building a state. 

A couple of days prior, the U.K's. previous government agent boss, Sir John Sawers, who went through five years as the head of MI6, cautioned the dread danger is more prominent today than it was preceding the West's withdrawal from Afghanistan and that there was an expanded danger of both unfamiliar based and local assaults since the fall of Afghanistan to Taliban control. 

How does the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban change the dread danger, and what's the significance here for New York City? 

There are those that contend that the Taliban have learned in the course of recent years that it was their allowing Afghanistan to turn into a place of refuge for abroad psychological militant plotting in any case and at last Al Qaeda's 9/11 assault on the United States that lost them their emirate and sent them into banish. The individuals who support this position place that the Taliban might be back in power, however it required twenty years, and they are not going to hazard what they have recovered by permitting the structure and utilization of fear based oppressor instructional courses in-country. They need to solidify their power over Afghanistan and clutch it this time.

Nonetheless, in case past is preface, maintaining this obligation to take action against Islamist aggressors will be really difficult for the Taliban. First of all, as indicated by a June 2021 United Nations report, a long time before American powers pulled out, around 8,000 to 10,000 Taliban-related jihadi contenders from Central Asia, the North Caucasus area of Russia, Pakistan and the Xinjiang district in western China filled Afghanistan. Combined with the idle Al Qaeda presence in Afghanistan that even Secretary of State Tony Blinken notes was decreased yet never disposed of, the most probable situation is that Afghanistan indeed will turn into the "Star Wars" Mos Eisley Cantina of the worldwide jihadist universe, where the worldwide organization of Islamist developments, everything being equal, and sizes from North Africa to the Philippines come to meet each other, network, trade thoughts and take in psychological warfare tradecraft from each other. 

Afghanistan is not quite the same as Yemen, Iraq, Libya and other ungoverned spaces. It will apply a one of a kind gravitational force that activates unfamiliar contenders worldwide to come there. All things considered, just in Afghanistan was the world's superpower crushed, re-invigorating the worldwide jihad. As anyone might expect, lately, Al Qaeda sources in Syria note that huge numbers among its unfamiliar contender unforeseen communicated the longing to head out to Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover. 

Regardless of whether the Taliban preclude the foundation of instructional courses, they won't deny giving a "place of refuge" for Islamic assailants who search out this Islamist country of sorts. Afghanistan will be a junction for each aggressor bunch/individual worldwide and possibly a spot where the Taliban might go a visually impaired eye towards these trades of fear based oppressor information and experience. It will be a tolerant climate for jihadists. 

Previous NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence David Cohen has noted lately, "Zeroing in just on AQ or ISIS-K is a misstep." ISIS-K is essentially a limited danger, and Al Qaeda is as yet a lessened power. "The danger and gatherings are significantly more different," he appropriately says. 

Repeating the job that Afghanistan played during the 1990s at the focal hub of the worldwide jihad universe, at last these Islamist guests will emanate back out across the globe to their extreme groups radicalized at home and act from that point instead of from Afghanistan as Taliban looks to keep its prints off the deed. 

"First will be Western Europe — which will be the test ground… then, at that point New York City." Cohen should know, as he judiciously stood up the CIA's Alec Station in 1996 to zero in on Bin Ladin before he was an easily recognized name. 

Sadly, the Biden organization's new "into the great beyond" counterterrorism system, which centers around utilizing drones and different apparatuses to beat back adversaries in far away terrains, is probably not going to be compelling. Without eyes and ears on the ground, we will have deficient knowledge against this subtle metastasizing danger. There is not a viable alternative for bases and a powerful organization of human sources to comprehend our adversary's aim and abilities.

"First will be Western Europe — which will be the test ground… then, at that point New York City." Cohen should know, as he insightfully stood up the CIA's Alec Station in 1996 to zero in on Bin Ladin before he was an easily recognized name. 

Tragically, the Biden organization's new "into the great beyond" counterterrorism technique, which centers around utilizing drones and different devices to beat back adversaries in far away grounds, is probably not going to be successful. Without eyes and ears on the ground, we will have deficient knowledge against this secretive metastasizing danger. There is not a viable alternative for bases and a vigorous organization of human witnesses to comprehend our adversary's plan and abilities. 

Accordingly, instead of battling the fear based oppressors there, we should stop them a lot nearer to home. 

So how might this affect New York City? There was a maxim during Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's organization, during which I served, that at whatever point a psychological militant was captured abroad, they generally appeared to have guides or pictures of New York City in their "pocket litter." as anyone might expect, as indicated by current agent chief of insight and counterterrorism, John Miller, New York City has been the objective of 51 fear based oppressor plots since 9/11. No other American city comes anyplace close. 

Thus, if worldwide jihadist networks have an asylum where to recover, it implies the danger to New York will increment — possibly not tomorrow, but rather over the long haul. 

Shielding a city of almost 9 million is no simple assignment. New York since 9/11 has been the objective of different plots — focusing on the metro, temples, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the New York Stock Exchange, JFK Airport, PATH passages, Chelsea and the West Side Highway bicycle way, to give some examples. 

Bloomberg said that New York would consistently be an objective for fear mongers, since it was a notable image of America. "Fear based oppressors all throughout the planet, who feel undermined by the opportunities that we have, consistently center around those images of opportunities — and that is New York City," he said. 

Obviously, New York is a global image of the United States yet that isn't the lone explanation is at a higher danger than other American urban communities. However it isn't America's political capital, it is the country's monetary capital and striking at America's financial strength has regularly been a psychological militant objective. In addition, it is the nation's media and correspondences capital and to summarize the Rand Corporation's Brian Jenkins, "psychological oppressors need a many individuals watching." The publicity advantage from an effective strike that is replayed on TVs and gadgets around the world, similar to 9/11 was, fills in as an astonishing selecting apparatus and honestly strikes dread into a lot bigger number of individuals. In conclusion, New York's Jewish populace of more than 1,000,000, gives one more fascination with jihadists inspired by a strict political philosophy that detests Jews.

So what are New York City's main weaknesses and dangers? Other than the city's occupants, another million individuals drive (under ordinary conditions) into our city. This gives psychological oppressors a centralization of individuals that can possibly have the effect of a blast in high-thickness regions all the more destructive and more fantastic. 

The city additionally depends on squeezed mass public transportation supply routes to move around and it is basically impossible to ensure each mile of track, nor all the transports or suburbanite rails that stream into the city. Dispatching various self destruction planes against the NYC metros in 2009 by Al Qaeda's Najibullah Zazi and his pair of co-backstabbers was just one of various such plots in the course of the most recent 20 years. 

Late plot history in New York City just as from ISIS's metropolitan psychological militant assaults in Europe show that air terminals likewise stay a delicate and alluring objective for fear mongers.

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